Head Golf Professional

Timothy Davis, PGA

Do you have trouble hitting the ball as far as you think you should? Are you not hitting the green from 150 yards and in? Taking too many strokes around the greens? These are all problems that can be fixed and I am here to help.

Whether you are a beginning golfer or have played the game for years, I can help you reach your golfing goals. Please do not waste any more time with a bad swing or lose any more money to your golfing partners. Come schedule a lesson and get back to enjoying this wonderful game.

Email: tdavis@onealgolf.com

Phone: 317-509-7843

Individual Adult Lessons

1 Hour Lesson

Taught by PGA Head Professional Timothy Davis, individual lesson plans structured to the player’s needs.

All aspects of the game can be focused on, from Short Game, Long Irons, Scrambling, Course Management. Each player is unique, just like his or her golf swings, and our lesson programs will unique to each golfer’s needs as well.

Individual Lesson – 1 Hour

Putting, chipping, bunker play, or full swing



Group Adult Lessons

If you want to learn the game in a group setting with friends, feel free to reach out and we can setup group lessons.

Lessons can consist of any aspect of the game


Individual Single Lessons

Apart from our PGA Junior League team offering, we provide individual lessons for Junior Golfers for $30.

Individual Lesson

Putting, chipping, bunker play, or full swing



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